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Here's to Hue!

Fri Sep 12, 2014, 7:27 AM
I've been having interesting conversations with Linda, LindArtz :iconlindartz: about the nature of colour and how we perceive it. Linda is particularly fond of the colour yellow. Further,  with considerable visual acumen she spotted areas of green in this image whereas I and some others had difficulty seeing green patches - in the clouds. These areas become much more easily visible in the red-blue channel swapped image.

Extra-Visible Galloway - Carlingwark Loch by Okavanga   Extra-Visible Galloway - Carlingwark Loch Swap by Okavanga

Part of the conversation ran as follows: 

"Pops right out for you, Linda, and probably many, many others, but not to me, nor to Sheri it appears. I can see it now I know it is there. The whole business of how people see colours is very complex, and as we can only see colour through our own eyes and brain, knowing what someone else sees is impossible. For example, you see yellow very well. However, if the signals that interpret that in your brain were somehow transmitted to my brain instead, I might see the colour as you see red (or blue or...)!! This can be quite a difficult point to grasp. You could say that yellow is yellow - it is obvious, and I would see it is yellow as well. Yes, I would and indeed - yellow is yellow. Further, scientists have shown that yellow or whatever elicits the same response (more or less) in the eyes and optic nerves in every person, so surely it should be seen as exactly the same by everyone. Not necessarily! It is the brain that interprets the incoming signals as yellow. And there is no way of knowing whether my brain's interpretation is the same as yours."

Quite a startling idea that what you see may be the same as what I see, but that our brains probably interpret a scene and its colours in different ways.

It struck me that  small variations in the hue, that is the actual colour part of colour - the "red", the "blue", the "magenta" and so on - may not make much difference to our sense of an image. Indeed, probably most people would not know an original coloured image from one in which the hues had been slightly altered. Here is a set of six images of a couple of flowers. Can you see which is the original and which have been hue shifted? If so, can you say in what way the hues have been altered? Does it matter?

Here's to Hue! by Okavanga

Any comments would be most welcome.



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