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South African Vacation

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 12:50 AM
I'm off on a trip to South Africa, particularly the East Coast and KwaZulu Natal. I'll be back last week of November, weather, flights, and lions permitting.

Many thanks for all the  recent faves and comments. I just have not been able to reply to everyone, but I'm very grateful for all the attention.



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United Kingdom
Scientist, scholar, philosopher, writer, photographer, traveller, sportsman, oenophile, whisky drinker, beer imbiber, cat lover, art historian, walker, driver, reader, computer geek, TV watcher, music listener, photo editor, Web contributor, enjoyer of good food, expert witness, industrial consultant, legal advisor, problem solver, analyst, chemist, information retrieval expert, sometime rider, runner, keep-fit addict, hypocrisy hater, politician loather, altogether - a devious deviant.

Check Out my Portfolio ==>

Also on Instagram ==> Okavanga


South African Vacation

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 12:50 AM
I'm off on a trip to South Africa, particularly the East Coast and KwaZulu Natal. I'll be back last week of November, weather, flights, and lions permitting.

Many thanks for all the  recent faves and comments. I just have not been able to reply to everyone, but I'm very grateful for all the attention.



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Best of October 2014

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 12:13 AM

The Infrared-Club (Extra Visible Imaging) 
:iconinfrared-club: is pleased to present the Best of October 2014 from the submissions to its Infrared Showcase and Exposure Techniques Galleries.

First the NEWS

At our sister Group #R72 :iconr72: Michael, Michi, MichiLauke has handed over as Founder of the Group to Thomas, Argolith. Fortunately, Michael is staying on at #R72 in the Admin Team as an advisor. I'm sure all of us here at :iconinfrared-club: wish Thomas and :iconr72: continued.


Welcome to new members: ImageOfImagination :iconimageofimagination: 2sidesstudio :icon2sidesstudio: dmurphy570 :icondmurphy570: morionde :iconmorionde: bluemangoimages :iconbluemangoimages: aeli9 :iconaeli9:


Welcome also to a new affiliate Group #devExposed, run by Caelia, kelmeloo :iconkelmeloo:. This is a brand new Group aimed at similar photography to ours. Here is the Group's aim: 

"This group is aimed to collect all photography that use exposure techniques, including: HDR, Infrared, Long Exposures, Overexposure, Underexposure, and similar techniques. Please note this is for photography only, but you are more than welcome to send a note asking for feedback or just a view for any and all deviations. Just please only submit photographs to the submission area that follow exposure techniques."
I've made kelmeloo an Expert Member here so that she can access our knowledge base about how to run a Group. I hope all our members will support this new venture by joining and submitting images. The more Groups that feature and promote activities in infrared and exposure technique work the better. Hopefully, #deviantart  will recognise this popular and growing area by giving us a specific category for submissions.


Infrared Gradients Project: Jenny C0MPASSION :iconc0mpassion: has completed much of the work to use infrared images to create gradients that are then used as the colour basis of fractals. I know some of you have already had images used and fractals created. This is the one Jenny has created from one of my works.Bramhall Park Ir Series 1a By Okavanga by C0MPASSION  We shall run a feature on this project later in the month I hope. Please visit Jenny's page and have a look at the current results - fantastic.


Finally in News, Volker vw1956 :iconvw1956: has another calender coming out - that man is amazing. Here are the covers.  New Calendar Project Front by vw1956New Calendar Project Back by vw1956


Best of the Infrared Showcase.

With well over 150 submissions this has been another productive month for IR photographers. I have divided up our choices for Best of the Month into various themes. As usual picking the best has been difficult, and as members know, I also like to feature when I can new members.

Blue 'n White (and a Bit of Pink!)

 Infrared 31 by kelmeloo :iconkelmeloo:   Infrared Trees - pt. III by myINQI :iconmyinqi:  Phantom Ship II by eprowe :iconeprowe:   Derelict Tractor - Blue Version by eprowe :iconeprowe: Vineyard by vw1956 :iconvw1956:   

From the River in IR by dmurphy570  :icondmurphy570: Arrays by helios-spada :iconhelios-spada:

Dunes Trees Home by Phostructor :iconphostructor: Vineyard IR 3 by Argolith :iconargolith:  Abandoned Belt by bamboomix :iconbamboomix:


The Frail-IR760nm by IRphotogirl :iconirphotogirl:  Nice feet in 700nm by vw1956 :iconvw1956:  Mas by robpolder :iconrobpolder:  I Spy by Wayman :iconwayman:  Infrared Paulinha by morionde  :iconmorionde:

 Thinking by grandart:icongrandart:   Here There Be Dragons by Lugal :iconlugal:   infrared image 21 by DPAdoc  :icondpadoc:  Playground by Phostructor :iconphostructor:

'Scapes and Things

Pelican Bay IR by Questavia  :iconquestavia:  Seealpsee IR by mIkeschwaRz :iconmikeschwarz: Alps 'n' brown cattle by mIkeschwaRz  :iconmikeschwarz: The Marsh by RuralCrossroads360  :iconruralcrossroads360:  

IR Happy by bluemangoimages :iconbluemangoimages: dome by vw1956 :iconvw1956:

Chimeric by echoofformless :iconechoofformless:   Lightning - IR by bokehstan :iconbokehstan:   IRFE XIV by LDFranklin  :iconldfranklin:  Among Giants II by eprowe :iconeprowe:


Listen by IgorVladi:iconigorvladi:  The colors of Autumn - Part X by myINQI  :iconmyinqi:  The colors of Autumn - Part XI by myINQI:iconmyinqi: Infrared Trees - pt. II by myINQI :iconmyinqi:   Senate by insolitus85 :iconinsolitus:

 IRV - Hilly trees by MaxArceus :iconmaxarceus:  IRV - Ambleve by MaxArceus :iconmaxarceus:  Kriss Park by helios-spada :iconhelios-spada:  White Widow by IRphotogirl :iconirphotogirl:  Lagoon by Leucareth :iconleucareth: 
Hospital Garden by MichiLauke

Best of the Exposure Techniques Showcase.

There has been a resurgence of interest in exposure technique images with over 40 submissions using different techniques. I want to highlight one point about High Dynamic Range (HDR) work. A few years ago, when HDR software started to become available, the big idea was to exploit the HDR ability to enhance detail in shadows and in highlights that would not normally be seen in even well exposed shots. Hence the increase in dynamic range and the typical, sometimes OTT, feel of HDR derived images. However, further developments have allowed much more subtle images to be made whereby the original HDR feel has been attenuated to give much more normal looking images, even though the dynamic range has increased.

Here is an example of both approaches Welcome to Almunecar II by ha-rat-kiri :iconha-rat-kiri: and The Lone Stump by kelmeloo :iconkelmeloo: I think this is a welcome development, enhancing the power and applicabilty of HDR techniques.

Bright Tulips by Deb-e-ann :icondeb-e-ann: Rock and Sky by Enkased :iconenkased:   eggHDR1238 by The-Egg :iconthe-egg:   eggHDR1248 by The-Egg :iconthe-egg: eggHDR1281 by The-Egg  :iconthe-egg:

Dusun Bambu by hanciong :iconhanciong:  Hydrante HDR by bribesdemoi :iconbribesdemoi: Switzerland by sylverface :iconsylverface:  You've Been Alt-ered by kelmeloo  :iconkelmeloo:  step on history by woisvogi :iconwoisvogi:

Moon - Lucky Imaging comparsion by MaxArceus  :iconmaxarceus:  HDR - Building by MaxArceus  :iconmaxarceus:  Ghosty by Phostructor :iconphostructor:  Waiting and Watching by Questavia :iconquestavia:  Rain by Questavia   :iconquestavia:

God by 2sidesstudio :icon2sidesstudio:  Diving by ha-rat-kiri :iconha-rat-kiri:

That's all for Now Folks

Many Thanks to all members for their fantastic submissions this month, and an especial thank you to IRphotogirl :iconirphotogirl: and mIkeschwaRz :iconmikeschwarz: who helped in the compilation of this feature.


David :iconokavanga:


Skin by SimplySilent Mod by Okavanga


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