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Best of September 2014

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 3:29 AM

The Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) proudly presents the best images for September 2014.


Welcome to New Members pushaloo :iconpushaloo: inspirationcalls :iconinspirationcalls: beyondkenseyeshot :iconbeyondkenseyeshot: kelmeloo :iconkelmeloo: obcyr:iconobcyr: HelmutBauer :iconhelmutbauer: RuralCrossroads360 :iconruralcrossroads360:

And to The-Egg:iconthe-egg: as a new Expert Member.

Infrared Gradients Project

Jenny C0MPASSION :iconc0mpassion: is putting together an infrared gradients package for use in fractal imaging. The project is nearing completion.The basic idea is to create a gradient file from an infrared image, and then use that as a source for gradients in such software s UltraFractal and Apophysis. Here is her note on the matter.

"I am not a photographer, but a creator of fractal images. I find beautiful and cool colors everywhere, but some of the most vivid and striking are in the Infra-red photos.

I would like to see if any of your photographer's would be willing to let me use their colors from their photos for an Infra red Gradient Package. Each artist and the photo would receive credit when a fractal using their art is they would again receive recognition when the Gradient Package would be released. It often takes me about 6 months to put a package together.

I would offer this package as Premium Downloadable Content to help fund incentives and contests I run through the fractal group and ones I run personally. When I say nominal fee....I mean like 30 points per packet or less.

I do not alter a photograph in any way....I just "lift" the colors from the photo and then apply it to the fractal. Some times the outcome is gorgeous beautiful!!"

If anyone does not want their infrared work used in this way, please let Jenny or me know.


DimensionSeven:icondimensionseven: has a calender published ==> CALENDAR - 25 (Budapest Noir) by DimensionSeven

Best Infrared Images September 2014

As usual a great deal of work has gone into the selection and presentation of these images. We have had about 150 submissions this month, including some experimental and reference shots, and excellent tutorials from Mike mIkeschwaRz:iconmikeschwarz: on the glow effect in infrared photography and his infrared-visible comparison shots.  There is also another excellent tutorial from myINQI :iconmyinqi: about post-processing infrared work.  These tutorials can be found in the main Infrared Showcase gallery, and are absolute must reads for serious infrared photographers.

A special mention for Volkervw1956 :iconvw1956: whose set of infrared photographs of cars attracted our attention, and then some - see Horsepower section below.


Vineyard IR by Argolith :iconargolith: Burg Hohenzollern IR by mIkeschwaRz :iconmikeschwarz:   Golden Lake Obersee by mIkeschwaRz :iconmikeschwarz: Bree Watchtower (Middle-earth) by mIkeschwaRz :iconmikeschwarz: Horseshoe Bay Rocks IR by Questavia  :iconquestavia:

Sparks Lake by NickSpiker :iconnickspiker: Bowman stars IR reprocessed by NickSpiker :iconnickspiker:  Milky Way Galaxy by myINQI :iconmyinqi: Byways XXIII by eprowe  :iconeprowe: Wrecked by eprowe :iconeprowe:

 Yellow Trees Part III by myINQI :iconmyinqi: The colors of Autumn - Part II by myINQI :iconmyinqi:

   Manny's Perspective by helios-spada :iconhelios-spada:  IR - Rainbow by MaxArceus :iconmaxarceus:  MV IR XXXI by LDFranklin   :iconldfranklin:  La Tour Aux Figures by bamboomix  :iconbamboomix:  


Ladies on the left by MichiLauke :iconmichilauke: Silhouettes by MichiLauke  :iconmichilauke: Sarah J 0704 IR by TWPhotos :icontwphoto: Tamara IR by robpolder :iconrobpolder: IR Queens Of Stone XII by IRphotogirl :iconirphotogirl:

Horse Power

Corvette Sunday I by vw1956 :iconvw1956:       A Moment of Love by myINQI :iconmyinqi:  Corvette Sunday III by vw1956 :iconvw1956: 700nm-Corvette by vw1956 :iconvw1956:


Dreams Come True - Sometimes Maybe by IngoSchobert :iconingoschobert: *** by IgorVladi:iconigorvladi: Untitled by drhussamm :icondrhussamm: Alice by underthecypress   :iconunderthecypress:Patterson Road by helios-spada   :iconhelios-spada:

Bridges and Buildings

Replot Bridge by MHelenelund :iconmhelenelund: Untitled by agelisgeo :iconagelisgeo:  Budapest - IR LI (Budapest Noir) by DimensionSeven:icondimensionseven: Marketplace by vw1956 :iconvw1956:  St. Lorenz Interior (Lorenzkirche) by myINQI :iconmyinqi:

FS VoidTown Cathedral by IRphotogirl :iconirphotogirl:

Exposure Techniques

While we have not had that many submissions to this gallery this month, what has been posted is generally of very high quality and shows the versatility of exposure methods.

We should like to give a special mention to The-Egg :iconthe-egg: for some outstanding HDR work, three examples of which are featured below.

eggHDR1220 by The-Egg  eggHDR1194 by The-Egg  eggHDR1216 by The-Egg

Pont du Gard by insolitus85 :iconinsolitus85: DC1 by insolitus85 :iconinsolitus85:  Alsace by sylverface :iconsylverface:   Tower of London by farigiovanni :iconfarigiovanni: Oil mill by vw1956  :iconvw1956:

Amstel by MaxArceus :iconmaxarceus:  bof by ha-rat-kiri :iconha-rat-kiri:

September 13th Star Trail by blackismyheart90 :iconblackismyheart90:  Peaceful Nature by myINQI :iconmyinqi:

Stadsparken Trelleborg - Ektachrome EIR look by myINQI :iconmyinqi: Scotland 29 by MatthiasHaltenhof :iconmatthiashaltenhof:

Finally, for this month, my very grateful thanks to Elisabeth, IRphotogirl :iconirphotogirl: and Mike mIkeschwaRz :iconmikeschwarz: for help in compiling this journal.

Best wishes to all members.

David :iconokavanga:


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United Kingdom
Scientist, scholar, philosopher, writer, photographer, traveller, sportsman, oenophile, whisky drinker, beer imbiber, cat lover, art historian, walker, driver, reader, computer geek, TV watcher, music listener, photo editor, Web contributor, enjoyer of good food, expert witness, industrial consultant, legal advisor, problem solver, analyst, chemist, information retrieval expert, sometime rider, runner, keep-fit addict, hypocrisy hater, politician loather, altogether - a devious deviant.

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Pretty-Up-Your-Profile by gasara ==>…

He's Back - 5 by Okavanga The Young Ones - Arwen by Okavanga Ladder of Success 2 by Okavanga Ladder of Success 3 by Okavanga Who Are You Looking At? by Okavanga Cats in Action 7 by OkavangaArwen Birthday 2 by Okavanga Cats in Action 1 by Okavanga

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